Interpersonal Group for Adult Men and Women

Social Anxiety
The Interpersonal Group for Adults is an ongoing, mixed gender psychotherapy group for men and women 30 – 60 years old who struggle with any of the following: excessive social anxiety, sexual orientation, social isolation, relationship problems, chronic depression, and difficulties attaining career or work goals.

Group therapy provides a unique, safe and honest place for its members to learn about themselves and their styles of interaction. Being part of a therapy group helps individuals to experience and learn how to create relationships that are healing, to negotiate conflict, and to obtain valuable feedback about how they interact with others in their social and work environments. In this group we focus on communication, relationship skills and emotional awareness. We practice being more assertive and develop a deeper understanding of the impact we have on each other.

Pre-group intake sessions are held to make certain the group meets the client’s needs, to determine if the client feels they can work well with me and to identify the focus of the client’s work in the group.

Group Facilitator: Dr Myrna Frank
Location: Center for Life Transitions, 4405 East West Hwy, Suite 407, Bethesda MD 20814
Time: Tuesdays 4pm – 5.15pm.
Please call or email Dr Frank at 301.706-5567 or for more information.