Compulsive Over-Eaters Group for Women

Make important changes in your life by joining a small, supportive, psychotherapy group of seven women.  Benefit from the knowledge and extensive experience of a Certified Group Psychotherapist.

Share ideas and get feedback from other women who are overeating, gaining weight, and feeling fat or overweight.

Group Therapy Over Eaters

Find your way to healthy eating, intuitive eating, mindful eating, weight control, and a positive body image.

This group will meet for eight sessions on alternate weeks.

Cost:  $600 for all 8 sessions.

This women-only group will learn new ways of dealing with weight and eating problems such as night-eating syndrome and binge-eating. Sessions will include the development of coping skills to help its members change self-destructive eating behaviors.  Bariatric patients (pre and post) are welcome.

Bethesda, MD office:

Registration is now open. This group will meet on Wednesdays at 1pm